This Patch Could Be a Great Hack for People With Heart Problems

Posted by iRhythm Technologies on April 24, 2016
iRhythm Technologies


A thirst for data and companies' growing desire to sell you products which let you wear your entire life on your sleeve (literally) has catalyzed a gold rush for new wearable medical tech. Not every product winds up being a Fitbit-level success. And things can get particularly dicey when it comes to technology which may have life-or-death consequences (just ask these guys).

But San Francisco-based iRhythm Technologies and its ZIO XT heart monitoring patch have been on a promising path, elbowing their way through a crowded market into partnerships with biotech giants like Gilead (GILD, +2.99%), a massive 6,100-patient study with the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI), and wide-ranging coverage agreements with major private and public insurers.

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