Quentin Blackford

A message from Quentin Blackford,
Chairman and CEO

At iRhythm, our mission is to boldly innovate to create trusted solutions that detect and prevent disease. Our technology allows for proactive detection and aids in diagnosis in the cardiac space. We want to be on the leading edge, which includes getting information into the hands of both patients and physicians sooner. Ultimately, I envision a future where we’ll see the ability to reduce the downstream costs by more proactively measuring, monitoring, diagnosing, and detecting sooner.  

As we focus upon our mission, it is important for us to remember that we must always do things the iRhythm way. That is, each of us plays an integral role in ensuring that our Company embodies our key values: Respect, Passion, Bold, Boundaryless, and Balance. It is our commitment to one another, our shareholders, our community, and most importantly, our patients that causes us to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and remain true to our values in all aspects of our daily conduct. By doing so, we will maintain the trust that these partners place in us to provide quality care and to develop transformative methods of diagnosing cardiac arrhythmias.

Let’s continue to inspire confidence among our patients and partners that at iRhythm, doing the right thing is our thing.

Sumi Shrishrimal

A message from Sumi Shrishrimal,
EVP and Chief Risk Officer

At iRhythm Technologies Inc., we are grounded in integrity, trust, and accountability. Our actions are guided by our values, our guiding principles and by our Code of Conduct. We understand our collective responsibility to ensure our company and our actions are ethical, legal and promote our values. And we take that responsibility seriously. I oversee our Global Risk and Integrity Program with the support from our Board of Directors and executive leadership.

Our Program establishes a comprehensive framework for ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards of conduct, and reinforces our culture of integrity and ethics. At iRhythm, we are committed to delivering life changing insights and helping people achieve their best possible health, around the world. And as we grow, we are committed to the highest standards supporting and empowering employees, to be the responsible technology innovators and a force for good in the world. We strive to maintain standards of excellence that ensure life changing insights for our patients. It’s at the heart of everything we do!

Photo of Patrick Murphy, Chief Legal Officer

A message from Patrick Murphy,
Chief Legal Officer

Safety and quality are non-negotiables within the medical devices industry. At iRhythm, the patient is at the heart of everything we do. We each have the responsibility to contribute to quality through collaboration, innovation, and passion. We are committed to incorporating quality into everything we do by operating with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws, continuously improving our products, processes, and services, and identifying and preventing issues before they arise.

iRhythm holds itself to a high standard to ensure that we are at the pinnacle of technological innovation, and most importantly, the forefront of helping people achieve their highest quality of health and wellbeing.