5 interesting tidbits in iRhythm Technologies’ $86M IPO registration

Posted by iRhythm Technologies on September 28, 2016
iRhythm Technologies

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Medical device company iRhythm Technologies last week filed for an $86 million initial public offering. The San Francisco-based maker of a wearable heart monitor called the Zio expects to use the cash to expand the device’s clinical reach.

The FDA-cleared device is worn as a patch and continuously logs heartbeat data for 14 days to look for irregular heart rhythm. Combined with a cloud-based data platform, the device makes up one-half of an overall Zio service that enables physicians to monitor patients and diagnose arrhythmias.

It is meant to be a less cumbersome alternative to the Holter monitor that doctors prescribe to patients they suspect may have atrial fibrillation for a total of 24-48 hours. For instance, you can shower wearing the Zio patch. Not so with the traditional Holter monitor.

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