Apple Watch Series 5 is official - here's everything you need to know

Posted by iRhythm Technologies on September 8, 2019
The latest Apple smartwatch starts at $399 and is available 20 September


What's the biggest change with Apple Watch Series 5?

The Apple Watch Series 5 is now official, with Tim Cook unveiling the new smartwatch at the Apple Special Event in Cupertino on 10 September.

We've detailed all the key information you need to know below – and delivered our initial Apple Watch Series 5 review – but check back for our full verdict once the Apple Watch 5 is officially released on 20 September.

The fifth iteration of the Watch represents more of an incremental upgrade than we got with the Series 4, with the headline change being a new always-on retina display.

Crucially, though, Apple says that the Watch will be able to maintain the same 18-hour battery life as before, while offering the option for the new feature.

What does this actually mean for the wearer? Well, basically, the screen will now switch to a dimmed mode when not in use, displaying the time and, depending on your choice of face, a few complications.

Time to upgrade: Apple Watch Series 5 v Series 4

All of the new watchOS 6 faces support the feature, along with a few old ones. Previously, the watch display would only light up when tapped or when the wrist was raised, and you can still keep it that way on the Series 5 if you want.

The Series 5 will know when to illuminate based on where the wearer's wrist is, thanks in part to the new low-temperature polysilicone and oxide display (LTPO), the ultra-low power display driver and an ambient light sensor.

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