Webinar: Recorded August 31, 2022

AI and the power of data

44 minutes

Mr. Day will discuss the evolution of AI-assisted technology in aiding with cardiac arrhythmia detection and diagnosis, share significant research in ambulatory ECG monitoring accuracy, and explain how advances in wearable devices could lead to predictive capabilities in the future for you and your practice.


In this webinar:


  • Gain a new understanding of the technology that powers ECG monitors.
  • Discover why not all algorithms are equal.
  • Learn how next-generation healthcare wearables could impact patient care.

Mark J. Day, PhD
Chief Technology Officer, iRhythm Technologies

About Mark J. Day, PhD:

Mark J. Day serves as iRhythm’s Chief Technology Officer and was formerly the Executive Vice President of Research & Development. He has had other leadership roles in Research & Development and Systems Development since joining iRhythm in 2007. Previously, he worked in Medtronic’s Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management division. Prior to that, Mr. Day was Chief Technology Officer of CarePages, Inc., a blogging site for patients. Mr. Day has an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; a PhD in Computation Flow Physics from Stanford University; an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University; and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University.

Watch the full webinar: