Desert Oasis + Zio: Desire for more efficient patient outcomes drives new standard of care

Lindsey Valenzuela, PharmD, APh, BCACP | Associate VP of Population Health Integration | Desert Oasis Healthcare | Palm Springs, CA
Judy Lenane, RN, MHA | Chief Clinical Officer | iRhythm Technologies
Brent Wright, DrPHc | Director of Health Economics and Outcomes Research | iRhythm Technologies

In this webinar, learn how one California health system used healthcare resource utilization data to uncover inefficiencies in its remote cardiac monitoring program, and how these economic and clinical considerations helped establish Zio as the new standard of care. Listen to this panel discussion to hear:

  • How Holter monitor inefficiencies are misaligned with the triple aim: patient satisfaction, cost of care and clinical outcomes
  • Why shifting the standard of care is imperative to improve utilization of resources, identify the appropriate levels of care for your patients and avoid costly repeat testing
  • How Desert Oasis was able to transform its cardiac monitoring program through strong partnership with Zio
Watch webinar highlights:

Why a Director of Population Health is interested and concerned about a cardiac heart monitor.

In managed or value-based care, “cheap isn’t always inexpensive”.
Watch full 58-minute webinar recording:
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About the Panelists
Lindsey Valenzuela

Associate Vice President of Population Health Integration, Desert Oasis Healthcare

Judy Lenane

Chief Clinical Officer and Executive Vice President of Products, iRhythm Technologies

Brent Wright

Director of Health Economics and Outcome Research, iRhythm Technologies