EHR Integration Service.

Improve scalability and access to healthcare by integrating the Zio® service directly into your EHR.

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Enables workflow efficiency gains.
An integrated workflow eliminates the need to register patients in ZioSuite®. Orders entered in your EHR flow seamlessly to iRhythm.
Scalable population health management.
Centralizing the Zio service workflow across departments reduces administrative burden and enhances patient care coordination.
Supports shift to value-based care.
A robust, discrete data set allows health systems to perform value-based care analytics.1
Compatible with all major EHR systems.
300+ integrations inclusive of all major ambulatory EHR systems.2
Experienced and dedicated Zio EHR team is available to assist throughout the entire integration process.
For additional information on EHR integration, get connected directly to iRhythm's integration team experts.


Eliminate manual steps such as registration, printing, scanning, and uploading reports into your EHR.3

Receive discrete data for 100+ fields, which enables structured reporting, population health management, healthcare analytics, and more.4
Enhance patient engagement using your existing patient portal by sending tailored Zio service notifications, education videos, and more.

EHR Integration Service

Streamline your health system's cardiac monitoring workflow by integrating the Zio service directly into your EHR.
Order and register Zio® ECG monitors directly through your EHR.
Patient wears Zio ECG monitor for prescribed wear time and returns it to iRhythm for analysis.
Zio® report is delivered electronically to your EHR.3
Interpret Zio report from your EHR, CVIS, or ZioSuite with full visibility across departments.3

EHR Integration Data Flow3,5

HL7 Version 2.3 or higher/Secure communication interface (e.g., VPN, HTTPs, SFTP)

We’re here to make it easy on you.

iRhythm will partner with your team to ensure implementation is as seamless as possible. A dedicated project manager will see you through the entire process and our team will continue to provide support post-implementation.
  1. The end-of-wear report data that is sent to EHR systems is limited to the fields found on the front page of the end-of-wear report.
  2. Data on file. iRhythm Technologies, 2024.
  3. Baseline reports, daily reports, and transmission reports are not electronically transmitted from iRhythm to EHR systems, they are available in ZioSuite.
  4. Data on file. iRhythm Technologies, 2022.
  5. Integration service is available with the option for physicians to interpret Zio reports in ZioSuite to preserve current workflow. Physician interpreted reports will then be posted to your EHR system.