Certainty in a Single Test

Extended ambulatory cardiac monitoring with Zio gives you a larger and clearer window into your patient’s heart rhythm. Up to 14 days of uninterrupted monitoring helps ensure you don’t miss critical information. Find the answers you need in a single test and provide superior clinical service for your patients.

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Flexible Time Frame

Tailor monitoring time up to 14 days based on your individual patient's symptoms. Collect all the data you need in a single monitoring period.

Patient Friendly Design

The Zio patch facilitates high patient compliance. No maintenance or special attention is required. Your patient can even shower, sleep and exercise while wearing Zio.

Assured Clinical Accuracy

99% median analyzable time1 helps ensure you don't miss critical insights. Interpret up to 14 days of uninterrupted data for greater arrhythmia detection.

1Turakhia, M., et al. Diagnostic Utility of a Novel Leadless Arrhythmia Monitoring Device. The American Journal of Cardiology. 2013

Easily Interpret Up to 14 days of Comprehensive Reporting

The Zio report provides extensive detail in a clear and concise format. Easily find the answers you need to give your patients the care they deserve.

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