Meet the
Zio service

The Zio service is a complete ambulatory cardiac monitoring solution built around single-use monitors, designed with the patient in mind, and reinforced with clinical evidence.
  • Superior clinical accuracy1
  • Exceptional patient experience2
  • Lower cost of care3

The heart monitor that changed the game.

We set out to do three things that had never been done before:
Create a user-friendly heart monitor that wouldn’t disrupt a patient’s life.
Conventional monitors are cumbersome. More often than not, patients don’t wear them for the prescribed time period.
Create a continuous heart monitor that could be worn for up to 14 days.
Conventional monitors can only be worn for up to 48 hours. In many cases, that’s not enough time to get a full picture of the heart.
Create a service that would provide continuous, accurate data unseen in the industry.
Data from conventional monitors contains a high degree of noise and interruptions. And it’s often incomplete, resulting in wasted time, costly re-testing and low physician trust.

“The monitor was so easy to use. It did all the work for me.”

Mary Sue,
Zio patient

How does the Zio service work?

Physician prescribes a monitor, and the monitor is applied to the patient at home or in clinic.
Patient wears the monitor and then mails it back to Zio.
Zio analyzes the data.
Physician receives a high-quality, actionable report.
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