Assured, Proven Clinical Accuracy

Avoid critical knowledge gaps from poor signal quality and data interruptions. Uninterrupted monitoring with Zio gives you the assurance of reliable data with minimal artifact.

With no loose wires or maintenance needed, the Zio patch enables a truly uninterrupted signal, resulting in a median 99% analyzable time.

Powered by the world’s largest heart rhythm database and curated by expert cardiac technicians, the Zio report gives you a clear and comprehensive look into your patient’s heart rhythm including:

  • Daily and total AF burden
  • Daily and total ectopy burden
  • Symptom/rhythm correlation
  • Most relevant heart rhythm strips
  • Heart rate trends
  • Preliminary interpretation and key findings
  • PVC burden and morphologies

Eliminate Wires, Empower Compliance

Achieve maximum patient compliance with the most comfortable, easy-to-use heart monitor. The Zio patch empowers your patient to maintain a clean, uninterrupted signal with minimal effort or disruption to their lifestyle.

  • No wires to manage
  • No batteries to charge
  • No leads to reconnect

Your data will not be interrupted by patients showering, exercising or sleeping.

Flexible Monitoring Time of Your Choice

Eliminate the hassle of repeated, inconclusive tests. Zio’s flexible monitoring time allows you to choose the best time frame for your patient and capture all the data you need.

In a single test, find answers for:

  • Patients with infrequent symptoms
  • Patients with intermittent symptoms
  • Suspected asymptomatic patients
  • Post-stroke monitoring
  • Post-procedure monitoring

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